Why PlayStation 2 was Such a Big deal?

In 1990s the PlayStation took the world by storm with its marvellous success all around the world. This took everyone by a shock that a newcomer could sell this much in a real quick time. The Nintendo got a real good competitor. Although later it become a three-leg race as Microsoft joined the party. Well, the glory days for Sony had just started. What started as an overnight success quickly became the talk of the town but the only difference was the fact that every town was talking about it. It quickly became the best-selling console ever made by any company on this planet called ‘Earth’. The numbers are more than 155 million units as it offered a variety of units. Apart from this if you love to play online casino games try Scratch Mania Bonus and take part in the welcome bonus at ScratchMania casino. Now, let’s proceed with the PS2 and discuss what made it the best ever console? Was it the best piece of hardware? Well I don’t think so because I still consider the Xbox to be slightly better when it comes to hardware but didn’t even sell the half the number as compared to PlayStation 2.  What made it so good? Well there are a multiple of reasons that can be talked about let us start with the Price.


The PlayStation was launched in the year 2000 and it was also the year when the world was shifting to the whole new world of entertainment called DVD’s. these DVD players were quite expensive and were often costlier than the PS2. The PS2 was launched at $299 whereas the DVD players were more than $700. This pushed more people to buy PS2 which was DVD compatible. This pushed millions of people towards the world of gaming.

The impressive New Launches 

The PS2 made a big hype by announcing the new line ups that were about to be launched by Sony and partners. There was a huge variety of games that had a lot of action, adventure and a whole lot of other stuff that the world had never seen. The races, street fighters, shooting games and even action games made this world a better place, this only helped Sony to get richer.

The Playstation 2 made Everything so Cool

Before the arrival of PS2 the gaming was limited to a bunch of geeks who couldn’t play in the streets but PS2 completely changed this perception. In those year having a PlayStation became a trend and the kids who played the console were so much cooler. it suddenly became a mainstream thing to have in the household in and around the United States.

The Branding

Clearly it wasn’t the most powerful console in the world but what made it such hype was that the Sony made it a brand of the centre of video games. From a 5 year old kid to a 30 year old full-grown man, the PlayStation had a bit of everything for everyone. From cheapest DVD player to the coolest gadget in the country, it travelled so fast that it became impossible to stop for the rivals. Sony positioned it so well to brand that everyone started talking about it. Everything in and around made it only bigger.

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