4 Best Role-Playing Games on PlayStation 2

The gaming so much fun when you can control character’s action and have so much control over the game. These are the games which are known as the role-playing games. Most of such fames have the narrative and some amazing ways of storytelling and so many things from other games that are blended carefully. The Role-playing games have evolved massively over the years and has turned into a real experience.

In these games the user controls the main character or sometimes the multiple characters in order to win the multiple levels that the game offers. It has so many different hurdles that makes it truly a multi- dimensional experience. From solving puzzles to engaging in combat, these games seem to have them all. Rating them isn’t an easy task, neither these ratings are universal. However somebody has to do it. If you don’t have PS there are many other games which you can play online as well as offline on your laptops and PCs. Like most of the casinos are upgrading to online these days and they’re offering great bonus codes to their users such as bitwin bonus code.  In the article below we discuss four such games which have blown our mind away.

  1. Kingdom Hearts

The first one in our list is Kingdom Hearts, it is developed by Square Enix. It offers an amazing combination of action-packed Role-playing and it is available on PS2 only. The story revolves around a character named Sora which has other characters on the sides as well. Sora is thrown in a battle against evil forces. The adventure is full of amazing story telling, fantastic visuals and amazing mechanics. It is one of the best-selling games on the PlayStation.

  1. The Legend of Dragoon

It is a single player and Role-playing game which is developed by SCE Japan Studio. The game is only available on PS2. It revolves around a main character named Dart who is looking to take revenge from a black monster. Earlier the monster has destroyed the city where the Dart was born. There are lot variety in the challenges. It will test your skills in different levels and in different perspective. This is an amazing game to play that you shouldn’t be missing.

  1. Lost Kingdoms

This game offers a great combination of card-based and Role-playing which is of course combined with amazing battles. The story has a beginning with a strange substance which is named Black. This substance is known for consuming people, towns and almost everything that comes in its way. Then there is a princess named Katia. Her father tries to find a way to end this substance and he disappears in the process. Now the princess decides to and find her father. The player can use multiple cards to fight against the enemies. The gameplay and the mechanics will definitely blow your mind.

  1. Bully

it was one of the most famous and critically acclaimed open-world when it was launched. It is an action-packed adventure game developed by Rockstar games. The main character is James Hopkins “Jimmy”. He is the true hero who tries to bring peace and fight against the bullies to save the weaker section. The task here is simple to get into the shoes of jimmy and get admitted into Bullworth Academy. Then do everything that you can to stop the bullies. Not just fighting the bullies, you will need to attend the classes and be a normal student. It offers an amazing game-play coupled with fantastic storyline with awesome visuals. This offers an amazingly different perspective that most of the games don’t have.

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