5 Reasons why PlayStation is better than Xbox

Well this war of supremacy between the Xbox and the PlayStation isn’t a new one. It started the day both houses rolled out their editions separately. Since then the fans have had a go at each other. Both have advantages and some disadvantages. The likes and the dislikes may also vary accordingly.

there are some things that we think PlayStation is doing better than the Xbox. In this article we take a look at some of the reasons that might be giving edge to the PlayStation over its rival the Xbox. Before getting started you’ll need to understand that there aren’t any major differences. I mean both of them deliver smooth performances and offer a huge diversity of games.

it is the small things that makes the difference for some people. If you love playing games and have an eye for even small things that makes your gaming a real experience, this article might be just the one for you.

The better Pricing

Over the years Sony has rolled out different versions of PlayStation. Historically it has been cheaper than its chief rival. There is a difference of almost $100 between the Sony and the Microsoft. The price plays a huge role for an average gamer. Because PlayStation offers better pricing and the exceptional gaming experience in the pricing section PlayStation gets a nod ahead of Xbox. Nowadays, there are many gambling websites offering games for Playstation and offer bonus codes to the players like Leo Vegas welcome bonus offer.

The Better Processor

The processor plays a huge role in the smoothening the gaming experience. The latest version which is PS4, it is armed with a better processor with custom AMD chips and 8GB RAM. It also has much superior DDR5 and a GPU which is much more powerful than the Xbox one’s. Xbox offers a great experience too but when comparing, PlayStation is slightly ahead.

The Dual Shock Controllers

Honestly the controller preference varies from personal preferences, but in our opinion the Dual Shock controller have a much better design which offer a great grip for majority of people. The handles of Dual Shock are far more ergonomic with a firm grip. The touch pad is a nice edition too although it doesn’t add much to the gaming.

Sharing is Much more Easy

The PS4 comes with a next generation feature called ‘SHAREfactory’. The gamers can simply share the footage of the gameplay with the friends. This app has lot of features for video editing too. It offers a huge variety for editing the video footage. Even if you aren’t into the app thing, you can simply use the Share button. This is a great feature to use and it serves the purpose well.

The sleeker Design
The Microsoft has done some tweaks to the latest version of Xbox but PlayStation is still ahead in the game when it come to the looks. It is so much sleeker and sexier than its rival. The sleek curvy angular design is stand out and is well ahead of its competition. For some of us, looks does matter to some extent.

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