The 5 Best Racing Games on PlayStation 2

Anyone who play the virtual games, has played some racing games in his life. Wait, wait! You have tried, right? Well if you haven’t then I would suggest you to get a life. I mean games on play station are quite fun. The racing games are too good to ignore. These games have come a long way in terms of development and the experience they provide. There are several sub genres that are introduced by the developers and the racing has become so much more fun. In the article below we discuss some of the best games that we have played. The games mentioned shall cover different genre of racing. These are the games that you shall never miss in this life-time.

  1. Burnout Dominator

The first one we have picked up is an action-packed game. if you are a reckless yet a very skillful racer, your eyes might be lightened up after seeing the Burnout Dominator in the list. It is a game that is developed by EA UK and published by Electronic Arts for PlayStation2. Every racing fan has played at least one game from the burnout series. The basic idea of the game is to race recklessly yet compete with some of the finest skills that a player has. The main focus is on the return of ‘Burnouts’. All you need to do is drain your boost meter without putting the breaks on. While racing you can eliminate others by destroying them (only if they don’t take you down first). This game offers some amazing game play modes and some breath- taking graphics. Your racing career is incomplete without playing this one. When you get bored of racing games and loves spending time at the casino is well aware of this game can use the gate777 bonus code and start playing.

  1. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

This game was an absolute gem when it was introduced in 2002. It was the sixth racing game of the most popular series Need for Speed. In the same year this game was awarded as the ‘console Racing game of the year’ at the 6th Interactive achievement Awards.
this is a game best suited for Cops and Robbers Style. in this either you are evading the cops or you are a cop yourself. When you are a cop you are trying to arrest the robbers by ramming your car into the robbers and busting them. You can also play normal racing or be a robber yourself. This game has some of the most beautiful graphic scenes of beaches to mountains which makes it so pleasant to play.

  1. Stuntman: Ignition

This is the sequel of the famous video game stuntman. It was released in 2007 for Playstation2. This is a power packed game for movie lovers. It is simply a stunt-based racing game which is focused on some of the death-defying stunts. It offers a thrilling game play that lets you fly the wheels of jeeps, sports cars and even tanks. One moment you will be flying over volcanic eruptions and in other you’ll be ramming into a tower. This is a thrilling experience which gives you a different feel of racing.

  1. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

It is an off-road racing game which will offer some of the wild country experiences. It offers players into the freezing & cold climate of Alaska with beautiful but very dangerous tracks. For a moment the racing experience is so smooth but suddenly you might be blessed with slippery ice or an avalanche might be trying to say hello to you. This game offers so much different style of racing which most of the games aren’t. it tests your skills with a great sense of adventure.

  1. Gran Turismo 4 (GT4)

GT4 is a 2004 racing game. It is arguably the most realistic game that you can find on the PS2. The fourth installment of the Gran Turismo Series has done a phenomenon job as far as the game play is concerned. It brings together some amazing detailed race tracks with a development on geared stimulation. It has around 700 licensed vehicles and over 50 beautiful tracks. You’ll be thrilled after trying this one.

These were our top pics for racing games. Which ones are yours?

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