PlayStation 2 – The Console That Changed the World of Gaming

Sony’s decision to invest in gaming changed the industry forever. PSOne shifted the balance of power and PlayStation 2 turned Sony into the leading gaming console manufacturer. For the first time in decades, video game fans could own a console that could run demanding games with impressive graphics, giving gaming studios the ability to create some of the most memorable titles of the 21st century.

Since its release in 2020 and until the release of PS3 in 2006, PlayStation 2 was the most treasured gaming possession. The graphics of the games were not great, and on many occasions they were by far inferior if compared to simple online casino games like 3 Card Brag, but gamers enjoyed every minute of gameplay. A single disk could hold enough content to keep players busy for hundreds of hours.

The Most Iconic PS2 Titles

Metal Gear Solid – The MGS series gave developer Hideo Kojima a spot in the Gaming Hall of Fame. His masterpieces have a timeless gaming value, and after the news of Kojima working together with Microsoft, players are urging the American tech giants to buy the rights of Metal Gear Solid. Before leaving Metal Gear Solid behind for personal reasons, the Japanese genius left his mark in gaming history by creating games like Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence.

Final Fantasy – The release of PlayStation 2 came with a serious upgrade on Final Fantasy titles. FFX and FFXII paved the way for future Final Fantasy titles and increased Square Enix’s customer base. The success of the two games has resulted in multiple remasters for next-gen gaming environments. After the stories of Tidus and of Lightning, gamers started realising the greatness of Final Fantasy. Years later, FF fans are still faithful to Square Enix, expressing their love for Final Fantasy whenever they get the chance to do so.

Resident Evil – PlayStation 2 gave players the opportunity to experience a new type of Resident Evil. The US government sent Leon Kennedy on an almost impossible mission, sending the hero to a T-Virus spreading location in Europe. Resident Evil 4 was completely different to what RE players knew until its release. The infected were a lot smarter and a lot more aggressive, the gameplay was a lot more demanding, and the graphics were ahead of their time.

Grand Theft Auto – The PS2 era was the most important period for the GTA franchise, just like it was for Resident Evil and for Final Fantasy. Some of the most talented people in gaming worked on creating a game that could offer players 100+ hours of gaming. Grand Theft Auto titles have consistently received really high scores from critics and players and the studios developing the games have generated billions of dollars from the sale of games like Vice City and San Andreas.

Gran Turismo – This is a title that redefined the rules of racing games. The PlayStation exclusive series is without a doubt the best racing game in history, beating not only Microsoft’s Forza but also games such as Need for Speed.

EA Sports – Electronic Arts is not just about the annual additions of FIFA titles. The studios have created some of the most important sports games in the history of console and computer gaming. Games like Madden NFL, MVP Baseball and Fight Night have given players the opportunity to try something different. The quality of EA’s games was so high that players enjoyed playing them for hours, regardless if they were fans of basketball, boxing or cricket.

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