Want to know the history behind PS2 Home? Keep on reading! PS2 Home started out as nothing more than a high school project / experiment back in 2001. Whilst the site offered a cutting edge design for its time and great navigation, amazingly, the site was published using FrontPage 2000 software (a somewhat tedious scenario thanks to the none-dynamic process). The site started to grow and traffic quickly turned the site into the largest UK PS2 gaming website.

Relations between publishers, developers and manufactures ensured that PS2 Home provided the very best information at its time. Traffic dropped dramatically from 2007 to 2009 generally due to the fact that the PS3 had released and the PS2 was getting far less interest. This is when PS3 Home was born – focusing on the PS3 console. This meant that PS2 Home lost what was originally great about it – most of the information was lost and un-updated. It was decided in 2014 that PS2 Home needed a fresh update, bringing back many of the older features that made the site so successful in the first place, along with new game reviews for those retro games we all love. And you’re experiencing that site right now!

The mission at PS2 Home isn’t over, rather it is just getting started. You can support us by purchasing your games through this link, which will help to allow our continued journey of documenting PS2 games and hardware to the fullest.

We’ve learnt a lot on the journey and that brings us on to PS4 Home, which is somewhat more than a personal project and attracting a wide international audience – making it one of the largest PS4 gaming sites on the internet. PS5 Home also takes a look at Sony’s next system.

Interestingly, in 2008 Sony decided to offer a PlayStation Home service. Below we display a cached version of PS2 Home, showing what it looked like back in the earlier years.


A cached version of what PS2Home looked like back in 2004.
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