4 Best Stimulation Games on PlayStation2

This genre of games allows you to perform a large variety of games in world which is obviously generated by the computers, the best part about the virtual world is that there are no consequences. Yes, the idea is to jump into that sports car and have fun in the most dangerous roads possible. The list of possible things that you can do is endless. Overall the experience is so good that no gamer should miss. In the article below is the list of some of the best games that we have played from this genre.

  1. The Movies

It was created by Lionhead Studios and was released in 2005. The game allows you to take a role of a Hollywood film mogul, who runs a studio. The best part is the fact that it allows you to create viewable works. The basic goal is to make successful movies and create a thriving and well a respected movie studio. Initially things start off simple but soon take on new level of chaos with some different characters make it more complicated. So, gamers have many games to enjoy in this era. If you want to try your luck in online casino games here we have genting promo code for you.

  1. Stuntman: Ignition

This game is a gem in this genre. You play a driver who is actually a stuntman. He performs various stunts on the sets of movies. The interesting thing is the fact that you don’t perform a single stunt, instead of that you drive through lengthy sections where you’ll need to perform a series of stunts without many fails. It is highly an addictive game. it even offers an online multi player mode. The audio work is excellent which makes it even more exciting.

  1. Playboy: The Mansion Review

There is hardly anyone in the world who hasn’t liked the Playboy magazine in the youthful days. If you are reading this, I am sure you have that cunning smile on your face right now and maybe Hue Hefner is in your mind, right? What if you can take charge of his empire? Well here is a game that will put you in his shoes and charges with the task of emulate the success story. It is more of a game which celebrates his life. It offers a mission-based campaign in which the success is by publishing an amazing magazine and earning money to become more famous. It isn’t as smooth as it may sound. There are many real life-like situational problems in office and work that you’ll need to tackle. Even the magazine is quite a challenge and the idea of the game is fascinating itself. It is definitely worth trying once.

  1. Premier Manager 2006-07

This list can’t be complete without a football management game in it. It was a massive commercial success when it was launched. The attention to the minute detail will blow your mind away. It is as close to any managerial game that you can get. This lets you decide everything from advertising boards to every single transfer of a player you can make. It offers so many ways of playing that will make you an addict if you are into the football. It is a fun introduction to the management and represents football really very well.

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