Global Online Gambling Market Forecasted

Since the release of the PS2, gambling is a much enjoyed online activity.

The global online gambling market forecasted growth over the next five years is very impressive. In the year 2017, the online gambling market was worth 44.16 billion American dollars. It has already increased in value in the year 2017. By the year 2022, this is a market that should be worth an astonishing 81.71 billion American dollars. This means that the value of the market is going to nearly double in five years, which is very impressive for an industry that started out as such a niche interest online.

The growth in this industry over the course of the next five years will depend on a lot of different factors. For one thing, the use of mobile devices in online casino gaming should increase on its own. Mobile use appears to be growing fairly steadily. It is expanding into other countries fairly rapidly as well, and this is creating a situation where a lot of people are treating mobile gaming as a fact of life. This is the culture of today. As long as people have the technology and the access, they will be able to enjoy online casino gaming – a list of those top casino sites can be found at Jackcity.co.uk.

However, online casino gaming differs from other types of online and mobile gaming. Legality is rarely an issue with the majority of mobile gaming. However, the use of online casino gaming is at least partly regional at this point in time because of the gambling laws that will exist in different areas. Strict government regulations are holding back the growth of the online casino gaming industry in some areas. However, these regulations could change in the near future, and the world at large does seem to be moving in that direction.

Online gambling has been legalized in eighty different countries at this point. Many of these countries have also legalized the activity fairly recently, suggesting that this is pointing towards a trend and that it is not just something that is happening in a lot of random places. When something becomes a trend in one place, it often becomes a trend in other places as well. The countries that have not legalized online casino gaming might start to feel pressure to do so in the next few years or so, especially as the market for online casino gaming expands.

Since three US states have already legalized online gambling, they have set a precedent for the rest of the country. The tax revenues from online casino gambling are going to look even more appealing in the next few years or so, since many foreign investors have been less interested in the United States in recent years and there are lots of debates about taxation practices in the United States at present.

The United States could benefit from legalizing online casino gambling, and there is every reason to believe that this is going to happen in more and more US states. The online casino gaming market would grow dramatically even if a few more US states legalized it, and this will probably happen shortly. It should happen with other countries around the world.

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