3 Hardest Games to finish on the PlayStation2

When the idea of gaming was taking its toll, people mostly started it for fun. Yes, it was play station that changed the scenario of gaming industry. It became much more than a time passing activity. It slowly made its way and became a passion and even addiction sometimes. There are some games that really challenges you to your limits. When gaming is challenge for you, it tests your skill in ways that even the real games lack. There are games which are better than the others and some are more difficult than the others. Let’s understand this with the real life example of casino games websites. There are so many portals available to play online casino games but only a few offer great games with welcome bonuses. The best thing to grab in such case is the age of gods free spins for online casino games. Now, let’s get back to the topic. In the article below we’ll discuss some of the most difficult games that we have come across on the PlayStation2.

God of War (2005)

It is a third person action-adventure game that which was developed by Santa Monica studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is based on a Greek mythology which focus on vengeance as its central theme. It revolves around the Kratos, a warrior who serves the Olympian Gods.  The aim is to defeat the god of war and his former mentor Ares who tricked Kratos into killing his own wife and daughter. The game play of this game is amazing which focuses on Combo-based combat. You’ll need to defeat much stronger enemies. You can use some magic tricks and other abilities that will make it so much interesting. If you consider yourself a gamer and have never played God of war, you aren’t one.

Devil may cry 3: Dante’s awakening

It is actually known only as Devil may Cry in japan. It was published in 2005 by Capcom. It focuses on an interesting relationship between Dante and his brother Vergil. The game has really good mechanics in the game play and it focuses on the fast action. Some people even consider it as the greatest game of all time. The game is full of action and puzzles that will test your brain in and out. There are so many things that makes it much more than just a game. It is an experience and a masterpiece that you have to try.

Kingdom Hearts 2

It is a power packed action role-playing game which was published by Square Enix in 2005. It is actually the third game of the series in which the Sora, the protagonist of the previous games returns to search his lost friends. He has to battle with a group of antagonists. This game is highly acclaimed by critics and has won many awards. The game play is again the hack and slash as it was in the previous two versions of the game. As you go on defeating your enemies, the character gets stronger and you have the access to new abilities. There are two compute-controlled characters that helps you out as well. It will get harder even in the easy modes. It is very hard and yet so interesting game that you shouldn’t miss.

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