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Smuggler’s Run 2: Hostile Territory Review

There are plenty of great retro titles out there to explore if you’re a gamer with an interest in exploring the vast PlayStation library.  One particular title, “Smuggler’s Run 2: Hostile Territory”, definitely deserves a second glance, here’s why…

Ramping up the graphics, difficulty and overall hostility of the enemies, “Smuggler’s Run 2; Hostile Territory” remains a somewhat underappreciated title.  As previously mentioned, this is likely due to the addition of such factors as time limitations and very unforgiving opponents who behave like swarms of angry hornets at times.  Nevertheless, it remains a very distinctive and enjoyable title once you get past these supposed shortcomings and is definitely worth checking out if you’re already a Smuggler’s Run fanatic.


Building upon the formula established in the first game, SR 2: HT added even more goodies to the mix, such as more vehicles, thoughtfully-designed / more attractive levels, and of course, absolutely insane artificial intelligence.  The focus here isn’t so much on exploration however, but crash mechanics within the context of off-road racing mired in illegal activities.  Rather than pushing you toward leisurely strolls across the landscape, you’ll be slamming the pedal to the metal in order to escape the clutches of various enemies.

The overall gameplay concept has been expanded here as well, with additional objectives being added which require you to avoid being detected or perhaps completely decimate some specific vehicle.  Of course most of the time you’ll merely be fetching some package and delivering it within some time limit, which isn’t at all bad, but it can become repetitive if you’re prone to failure.


Just like its predecessor, this title also features some cool modes of play, including the Smuggling missions, Turf War element, as well as a number of sub-modes which fall under the latter (such as Bomb Tag Checkpoint Races, “Crooks ‘n Smugglers”, Loot Grab, etc.)

Unlike its counterpart, this entry tried so flesh out a bit more of a story, placing you in the shoes of smuggler who’s employed by a front company called “Exotic Imports”.  What follows is a tale filled with lots of spy-thriller intrigue involving smuggling nuclear weapons.  As you might expect, our hero and select members of EI deciding to rail against the devious endeavors of their greedy bosses and elect to try to prevent WWIII from breaking out.


Simply put, a lot of players might not pick Smuggler’s Run 2 over the original, especially if they’re not into difficult racing titles.  However, this game is definitely an improvement over the original in a number of ways and shouldn’t be ignored if you’re into mission-based driving challenges.  Assuming that you absolutely enjoyed the first game in the series, it’s only natural to move on to this installment, especially when you consider the various improvements which have been made.  Be sure to look for “Smuggler’s Run 2: Hostile Territory” on the “PlayStation Now” service (whenever it comes online and when/if this title will be available, that is).

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