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NHL 2002

US PUBLISHER Electronic Arts
UK PUBLISHER Electronic Arts

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SCREENS ADDED: 02 Sep-2005

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See the glory, hear the passion, feel the emotion, BE THE HERO in NHL? 2002. In the latest NHL release by EA SPORTS?, the gamer IS the action. The world’s number one selling interactive hockey game returns this fall with Mario Lemieux, Barenaked Ladies, Sum 41 and a host of outstanding new features. Added features include a new ‘Breakaway Camera’ and a compelling ‘EA GameStory’ feature, which rewards and recognizes gamers for outstanding play. Additionally, six different modes give the gamer more options than ever before, including “Play Now” and an in-depth career mode that allows users to extend the regular season into a full career with drafts, trades and free agency moves. Whether a power forward in pursuit of the game-winning goal, a goaltender attempting a shutout, or a chippy defenseman protecting his zone, you’ll experience pure adrenaline as you take the ice. With cool camerawork, overlays, and insightful broadcasting by announcers Jim Hughson and new color analyst Don Taylor, every game develops into a story – but don’t take our word for it, experience it for yourself.

  • NEW Breakaway Cam: Experience the most exciting play in hockey from the athletes’ ice level audio/visual perspective.
  • NHL? Cards: Earn points towards the purchase of “NHL Cards” by performing game moves and reaching milestones. Cards provide the player with boosts, cheats, and other fun un-lockable features.
  • EA GameStory: Tracks events during the game and tells compelling stories as they unfold. Stories are told using cinematic camerawork, clever replays, overlays, play-by-play, and color commentary.
  • In-game music: Music provided by Barenaked Ladies, the multi-platinum Reprise recording artists from Toronto who will debut “It’s Only Me (The Wizard of Magicland),” also to be released on their greatest hits album titled Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits / 1991-2001. Additionally, chart-topping punk band Sum 41 features its hit single “Fat Lip” as well as “Makes No Difference.” Other bands in NHL 2002 include The Tea Party, Treble Charger, Jet Set Satellite, and more.
  • NEW Create Player: Enhanced customization enables gamers to create themselves, as an intense power forward, or a gritty defenseman with an assortment of hairstyles and colors, mustaches, beards, eyes, and other features. Also, Barenaked Ladies fans will be able to play as band members by their names and saving the musicians to the players’ team of choice.
  • Precision Animation: Provides a more fluid gameplay experience, giving gamers the ability to reach for passes and kick the puck up to the stick.
  • Emotion Meter: Get the crowd into the game with a huge hit, a brilliant save, or an important goal. Watch crowd intensity turn as you take the opposing team’s crowd out of the game. The Emotion Meter enables the gamer to feel the excitement of the game by experiencing heightened emotion through team intensity and crowd involvement.
  • Gameplay Sliders: Play the game the way you want to play. Gamers can select a level of play that suits their experience from beginner to advanced, speeding up or slowing down the level of play accordingly.
  • NEW Color Commentator: Color-commentator Don Taylor joins play-by-play veteran Jim Hughson in the broadcast booth to provide insightful, and humorous game commentary.
  • 6 Modes of Play: Six different modes including; “Play Now,” Season Play, Career Mode, Playoff, Shootout, and Tournament.
  • Official NHL and NHLPA? licensed product including all 30 NHL and 20 International teams.

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