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Reservoir Dogs

TITLE Reservoir Dogs
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER Volatile Games
US PUBLISHER Eidos Interactive
UK PUBLISHER Eidos Interactive
NORDIC PUBLISHER Eidos Interactive

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 30 Jun-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

The game gives you the opportunity to play through the events of the film – leading up to and following the break down of the heist – from the perspective of each character. You get to experience those parts of the movie that were only suggested, delve further into the world of Reservoir Dogs and find out what happened at the diamond store. How did the Dogs escape the cops at the heist? How did Mr. Blonde get back to the warehouse with Marvin? Where did Mr. Pink stash the diamonds? Did Mr. Pink survive?

  • Immerse yourself in one of cinema?s most influential pieces as you relive the Reservoir Dogs experience complete with Tarantino?s trademark style, violence and wit
  • The plot unfolds in a non-chronological order, switching between different events as you get the chance to play each iconic gangster
  • Psycho/Professional Rating system: Play styles are monitored and ratings calculated on your moralistic choices
  • Threat System: Includes hostage taking, manipulation and police opposition: the professional way to contain civilians without resorting to lethal force
  • Bullet Festival: Manage your character?s adrenaline levels to unleash devastating ?crowd control? techniques
  • High-speed driving action includes chase and escape
  • Full original soundtrack from the film ? the Super Sounds of the Seventies brought alive with “Little Green Bag”, “Stuck in the Middle with You” and more…
  • Features the voice and likeness of Michael Madsen as Mr Blonde

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