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Most Popular Superhero Games (infographic)

This article and infographic takes a look at some of the most popular superheo games (non-ps2). Let’s face it, superhero games make up a huge amount of the gaming industry with pretty much every one of our favourite caped crusaders covered. The question is though, who is the most popular superhero in gaming history? That is no easy question to answer; you have to take into consideration Marvel versus DC and then each singular character. The superhero that has been portrayed the most in games is Spiderman who has currently been seen in 37 games, but he is not always at the top of the polls for the most popular character.

After the release of Batman Arkham City, the world went crazy for the elusive man in black and rightly so. This is still hailed as one of the all-time greatest superhero games due to the amazing graphics and gameplay. Then you have the X Men games, for which there are many. Superhero games are popular no matter who they depict! To help you decide upon your favourite character, here is a Superhero slots infographic that will remind you of all your childhood gaming memories.

Superhero match up

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