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The Top Five PS2 Games

There are many PS2 classics to consider, each of them having their own merits. Gamers enjoying action-packed PS2 games will love Canis Canem Edit. This game is set in a schoolyard where a dropout kid named Jimmy Hopkins must face off against bullies, make friends and play pranks on other students. It’s a great game for PS2 fans and certainly a deserving recipient for the top 5 selection. Of course everyone remembers the story of conspiracy and augmentation with Deus Ex. Viewed from the perspective of JC Denton; this is a game with heavy firepower to boot. Lots of stealth and upgrading of your abilities is possible in this high-octane thrill a minute game.

Canis Canem Edit

Another classic game for players to enjoy is ICO & Shadow of the Colossus classics HD. PS2 fans fondly recall battling gargantuan monsters, beasts and other shadow warriors in this truly classic PS2 game. Closing in on the best of the best for the top 5 is Okami HD. This game tore it up with video gaming fans in the early 2000’s, and remains a hot favourite to this very day. The last game on our list is Zone of the Enders HD Collection. This game is the brainchild of Hideo Kojima and it showcases flying robots and all sorts of superb animation. For news on other gaming attractions, players and gaming fans are welcome to take a look at . This site showcases a fabulous selection of unique games – both in a free-play mode and real-money mode.

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