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The best PS2 Accessories

Certainly no one would argue that the PS2 is one of the most popular video game consoles ever produced.  In fact, you could say that the PS2 brought gaming into the mainstream for millions of people and put more than a few franchises and development companies on the map as well.  While we live in an age dominated by the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC gaming, there are still a great number of avid PS2 users out there; and why not?  The console still has a lot to offer gamers; for example, an extensive library of very impressive games which will keep you entertained for months on end.  If you’re among those who prefer the PS2 over more recently released consoles you’re still going to need to accessorize, which is why we put together this handy list of the best and most crucial accessories for your PS2.

  • Sony PS2 Multitap – Given that the PS2 features only 2 controller ports, a multitap is essential if you want to add 3 or 4 players to the fray.
  • PS2 Memory card – Only the officially licensed memory cards from Sony are truly stable and able to safely store your game data
  • PS2 Blaster by Madcatz – If you’re into shooters and happen to use/own a PS2, you really owe it to yourself to check out this light-gun.  Most games are compatible including Namco titles.  What makes this unit so appealing are its’ rapid fire modes and vibration capabilities, however.
  • Wireless Ultimate Fighting Stick by Naki – For those who are really into fighting games (like Tekken), this fighting stick / controller is a really good buy.  It has a decidedly arcade-like feel and features a type of design that makes it much easier to pull off button combos.
  • Driving Force GT by Logitech – No gamers PS2 accessories list would be complete without including something for those who love racing / driving games.  This wheel unit produced by Logitech is among one of the best you can get, it really goes far in helping to deliver a very realistic experience through force-feedback technology.
  • AG RiffMaster Pro Bundle – Who doesn’t love Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band…I mean, really?  This bundle comes with two wood body guitar controllers, a microphone and a “stack” amplifier with a “head” that can house your gaming console.

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