PS2 Games

WRC II Extreme

GENRE Racing
DEVELOPER Evolution Studios

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SCREENS ADDED: 17 Jul-2002

Official Fact Sheet:

WRC II emphatically delivers more rally realism than any other game on the market. WRC II comes with over 800km of photo realistic track, 115 rally stages across 14 countries, twice the draw distance and 4 times the density of objects of WRC 2001. With updated sponsors liveries and car modifications modelled to an unprecedented level of accuracy, WRC II truly captures the essence of this dynamic extreme sport and raises the stakes in terms of content, quality and depth of raw rally experience.

  • The access Evolution Studios has been allowed to the data of all the WRC teams produces more accurate handling dynamics than previously possible. A new physics model, developed specifically for WRC II makes slides, skids and handbrake manoeuvres more realistic than ever.
  • Hinged body parts and removable panels mean that you can actually se the inner workings of the cars. A new damage model based on real WRC team data produces more realistic and progressive damage to all parts of the vehicle.
  • The new 3D service areas will allow you to watch your car being bolted back together in real-time. This level of realism provides a real fight to the finish line in the ultimate combination of man and machine against the harshest environments nature can throw at them.
  • The realism doesn’t stop with the cars, WRC II contains the authentic team drivers and co-drivers for the current season. Thanks to the use of innovative digimask technology the driver’s features are authentically recreated. However due to the new particle effects of mud, dust and water it may be difficult to see into the car by the end of a stage!
  • The full 2002 WRC Calendar is in place including the new ADAC German Rally offering a huge variety of terrain and weather that only WRC can provide, from the heat and dust of Australia to the snow of Sweden. You can take part in the whole championship or opt for new game modes including the two-player Super Special Stage Challenge or Custom Rallies.
  • The stages themselves offer amazing views compiled using satellite data to provide the most authentic experience available. Evolution’s heritage of flight simulations has again enabled them to provide a draw-distance of 5 kilometres plus that make these stunning vistas possible ? even further than in the original WRC title. Each stage is now more densely populated than ever with villages, churches, animals, spectators and marshals offering the ultimate in rally interaction.

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