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This is Football 2004 (AKA World Tour Soccer 2005)

TITLE This is Football 2004 (AKA World Tour Soccer 2005)
DEVELOPER 989 Sports

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 23 Jan-2004

SCREENS ADDED: 27 Aug-2003

Official Fact Sheet:

This is Football 2004 is the ultimate football fan’s video game. The user controls all aspects of the team, playing against the CPU or up to 7 other users. TIF 2004 has totally revamped gameplay and deeper management options for a more immersive and compelling experience. The player can add football superstars to his favourite team using the transfer market feature. Or he can begin with a novice team and, by playing through the leagues and carefully buying and selling players, eventually progress to the Euro League, taking on the best club sides in the world. This year’s version will include over 300 photo-realistic players from around the world, 22 leagues with 30 divisions, over 800 teams and over 17000 players.

  • Completely new gameplay code
  • New animation and dynamics gives real feel to players
  • New system means that players’ individual skills are better represented ? Beckham will be better at passing, where Zidane will be better at dribbling
  • New passing system with standing reception
  • New shooting system with a shot bar that means that any shot from any range can go anywher, increasing the depth of learning / gameplay experience
  • More responsive heading and volleying
  • Time based system increases the depth of learning / gameplay experience
  • New ball dynamics mean that the ball is entirely separate from player dynamics ? allowing it to act more independently
  • Aerial tackles and better collisions will bring a new level of physicality to the game
  • Allowing the user to manage, build, and play with a novice team, eventually taking them to the heights of the Euro Cup!
  • One of the most popular features of the last game ? allowing the user to buy and sell players for his team – has been further improved!
  • More than one team can bid for a player
  • The user can manage the extent to which his players are available for sale (available, not available, transfer listed)
  • 300 stunning uniquely modelled heads with photo realism
  • personalised kit appearance including muddy kits, long or short sleeve etc.
  • Managers, physios, stewards, 4th officials, stretcher bearers have all been added to the game for increased realism
  • Incredible new stadiums
  • Variable weather conditions during matches with pitch wear and tear
  • Improved crowd includes more realistic behaviour as well as effects such as throwing toilet rolls and laser shows
  • 22 leagues from all around the world ? a total of 30 divisions
  • World Cup and Euro Cup competitions
  • International Timewarp Cup featuring 20 all-time great international teams
  • A total over 900 teams, including around 150 international teams, around 650 club teams and 80 special teams (Timewarp, School teams, Semi-Pro, Super Teams)
  • A total of 17760 players in the game!

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