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Sled Storm 2 (AKA Sled Storm)

TITLE Sled Storm 2 (AKA Sled Storm)
GENRE Racing
US PUBLISHER Electronic Arts
UK PUBLISHER Electronic Arts

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 14 Mar-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

EA SPORTS BIG? presents a chaotic arcade racer, Sled Storm?2, based on the critically acclaimed PlayStation? title Sled Storm. Sled Storm 2 delivers high-impact sled racing through visually stunning and over-the-top environments combining the raw power of Sleds, insane tricks and hostile competition. No rules, hidden shortcuts, bone-jarring wipeouts, and huge-air provides a cast of aggressive characters the chance to fight for the finish line. Alternately up to 4 gamers can race against each other in a frenzied race through split screen racing modes to pay off on the intensity of human to human competition – in Sled Storm 2.

  • S.T.O.R.M. boost adds a new dimension to the action by providing increased power, invulnerability and truly terrifying tricks. Players build up their S.T.O.R.M. boost meter by wreaking havoc on the course and smashing objects throughout the tracks. Once the meter is full, racers can then unleash the fury against the opposition enabling a rush of power and abilities that go far beyond reality.
  • Twelve tracks offer a broad variety of scenery throughout their six global locations. Take on challengers across the snow-capped mountains of Australia, seek out the lost aboriginal shortcuts through the peaks, or crash through a ski chalet en route to finding the quickest way through Colorado. Every course features unique shortcuts, smashable objects and incredibly dynamic scenery.
  • A rich cast of characters, each with unique Sleds and their own distinct styles, provides a great breadth of game-play. For instance, the seasoned rider Tracey, currently sponsored by Redline Snowmobiles, brings a futuristic design and experience to the mountain. The ?one to avoid?, T.J., riding a uniquely maneuverable single ski sled brings his sick levels of aggression to the race. The techie, Niklas, delivers quirky yet extremely agile quad tracks to the steepest of challenges.
  • Highly interactive music and shattering sound effects are provided in Dolby? 5.1. True surround sound for an all-encompassing experience parallels reality itself! Developed internally by Electronic Arts Canada, Sled Storm 2 will be the third launch from the EA SPORTS BIG brand.

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