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Shadow Hearts

TITLE Shadow Hearts

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SCREENS ADDED: 19 Nov-2001

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With a mix of turn-based strategy and role-playing game (RPG) elements, Shadow Hearts presents players with a challenging, yet magical quest that features a deep, haunting storyline. The story comes to life with fascinating and complex characters, intense battle sequences and unique gameplay mechanics that give players complete control of the action.

Set in early 20th century China and Europe, the story of Shadow Hearts begins with the rescue of Alice Elliot, a woman believed to hold powers capable of destroying the earth. While being transported by the Japanese Imperial Army to China, an evil magician attempts to kidnap Alice, but his plans are foiled. Following the rescue, Alice must join forces with Yuri ? the son of a Chinese war hero ? to uncover an evil scheme and unravel the many mysteries surrounding Shadow Hearts.

Players take the role of Yuri, who possesses the power of a Harmonixer ? a person able to morph into different monsters he defeats in battle by absorbing their souls. Guided by a mysterious female voice, Yuri and Alice set out on their quest, meeting and recruiting a variety of characters. Players can take control of any one of the characters including Zhuzhen Liu, an old Chinese mage who was close friends with Yuri?s father; Margarete Zelle, an international spy for hire; Keith Valentine, a vampire; and Harry, a young boy who leads a group of orphans.

Players lead Yuri, Alice and the rest of the team into battle using a unique timing-based battle system called ?The Judgment Ring,? where the final outcome of a battle is based on the players? speed and accuracy.

  • Judgment Ring ? Encounter and battle more than 130 different monsters using this exclusive and innovative new system used to determine the winner of a battle
  • Complex Characters ? Players meet unique characters with their own personalities and abilities who join Yuri and Alice on their quest
    Harmonixer ? Gain the ability to morph Yuri into 20 various creatures to battle the forces of darkness
  • Engaging ? Hours of intense gameplay will take players on an incredible journey across early 20th century Eurasia
  • Special Items ? Discover more than 200 special items including weapons, armor and other unique magic items
  • Upgrade ? Upgrade weapons and acquire powerful spells that produce spectacular effects
  • Spectacular Cinematics ? Experience fantastic and graphically gorgeous cinematics that progress the in-depth storyline

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