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RTL Alpine Skiing 2005

TITLE RTL Alpine Skiing 2005
UK PUBLISHER Midas Interactive

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SCREENS ADDED: 20 Jan-2007

Official Fact Sheet:

In ?Alpine Skiing 2005?, you are responsible for turning a sportsman into a top skier. And a top career needs a top manager! Your multiple tasks include drawing up a training plan between competitions, buying better gear, waxing the skis, taking on trainers and waxers, placing bets, negotiating sponsorship contracts, and editing the tour calendar.

After each competition there might well be unexpected events that influence your finances or your skier?s condition. Professional tables and a replay of the race with different camera views give the feeling of a real TV broadcast.

The menu is clear and easy to understand, facilitating a quick start even for the occasional player. Realistically changing weather conditions, lovely winter landscapes, and an enthusiastic public will bring the atmosphere of this fascinating winter sport straight to you.

  • Quick Start. Start a race in Quick Start or Practice Mode.
  • Perfect Control. Control your skier using the keyboard or a joypad. The control is completely dynamic and makes you feel you are on a real piste.
  • 48 tracks on twelve beautiful sites. Choose your favorite place and play!
  • Easy to Use Career Mode. Develop your skier as perfectly as possible by continual practice and buying better gear.
  • Well-informed Commentators. Hundreds of comments make you feel you are in a real sports broadcast on TV.
  • Wide Range of Ski Equipment. Equip your skier with better gear: helmets, glasses, skis, suits, etc.
  • Addictive Combination of Racing and Role Play. Distribute skill points and become an allrounder or a specialist.
  • League System. Creates long time motivation: Start at the bottom and make your way straight to the top.
  • Varying Degrees of Difficulty. Beginners are pardoned their faults. Professionals, however, play in Simulation Mode and are disqualified if they make faults (such as leaving out gates etc.).

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