PS2 Cheats

Rampage: Total Destruction Cheats

Kingston – Play as Lizzie in Las Vegas
Jack – Play as Harry in Las Vegas
Marco – Play as Ralph in San Francisco
Shelby – Play as Lizzie in San Francisco
Natalie – Play as Marco in San Francisco
Kyle – Play as Kingston in London
Icky – Play as Ralph in London
Edwin – Play as Wally in London
Cal – Play as Kyle in Los Angeles
Amanda – Play as Kyle in Los Angeles
Bart – Play as Kingston in Los Angeles
Rojo – Play as Kyle in Chicago
Harry – Play as Marco in Chicago
Nick – Play as Harry in Chicago
Croc – Play as Rojo in Hong Kong
Venus – Play as Croc in Hong Kong
Jill – Play as Amanda in Hong Kong
Wally – Play as Marco in New York
Rocky – Play as Cal in New York
Joe – Play as Natalie in New York
Philbert – Complete all the Par Point Stars in all the cities.
Eyegore – Complete all the Challenge Stars in all the cities
Bubba – Unlock all the monsters, secret and normal.

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