PS2 Cheats

CMT Presents: Karaoke Revolution Cheats

Playing in any difficulty and in either quickplay or the party modes. Some Items may be gender specific.

FlatTop Cowboy Hat:
Get 1 Platinum Records

Western Cowgirl Outfit:
Get 3 Platinum Records

Western Cowboy Outfit:
Get 2 Platinum Records

Turquoise Cuff:
Get 4 Platinum Records

Brad Paisley – Celebrity:
Get 5 Gold Records

Slick Shades and Boots w/Spurs:
Get 5 Platinum Records

Garth Brooks – Friends in Low Places:
Get 6 Platinum Records

Retro Cowgirl Outfit:
Get 250,000 Total Points

Open Shirt:
Get 7 Platinum Records

Devil Girl Outfit:
Get 8 Platinum Records

Glam Tower Hair, Glam Tux

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