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Portal Runner

TITLE Portal Runner
GENRE Action/Adventure

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 30 Aug-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

Vikki is a modern woman. A woman with stamina and determination. But she is also a woman with an enemy. Her bete noir is Brigette Bleu, who has unleashed a diabolical plot to trap Vikki in a world outside her domain. Portal Runner, released this autumn on PS2, will see Vikki embark on a series of adventures that bring together an emotional storyline and addictive gameplay set in verdant fantasy environments.

Brigette Bleu’s odious plot catapults Vikki into a fantastic adventure through a variety of exciting and elaborate toy worlds. She will need to fight her way through a dinosaur-infested swamp, a medieval castle and an alien spaceship to return to her own domain. On the way she will make a stalwart new friend in Leo the lion, who will stay by her side to fight off the evil denizens of these strange new worlds.

Portal Runner will engage the player’s emotions on a level that will make them feel wholly immersed in the story. The player will get caught up in the friendship that develops between Vikki and Leo in such a way that this bond grows ever stronger as the player progresses through the campaign.

An original engine created specifically for the PS2 will take full advantage of the machine’s power to create spectacular worlds and depict stunningly realistic characters. Players will be immersed in a world unlike anything they have seen before, thanks to the combination of PS2 technology and the surrealistic ‘non-cartoony’ visual style.

  • Super fast-moving riding gameplay:
  • Lead Vikki and Leo as they barrel through huge canyons to evade packs of wild creatures in hair-raising escapes.
  • Bow and arrow gameplay:
  • The bow and arrow gameplay is visually spectacular. Many arrows will be beautifully enhanced with trails of fire or glowing waves of magic.
  • ‘Hot Shots’:
  • A trick shooting system that lets Vikki solve puzzles and remove obstacles in her travels, using her bow and arrow. Levels will be filled with hot shots to discover. Players will enjoy the deep playfield interactivity provided by this system.
  • Three ways to play:
  • Control Vikki, control Leo, and control Vikki riding Leo. Each mission style will have unique challenges and surprises.
  • Character Teamwork:
  • Leo, Vikki’s super-powerful lion companion, adds a new level of close combat gameplay and excitement. Players will get a kick out of controlling Leo and from working with Leo as a team when playing Vikki, supporting Leo’s physical power with precision shooting.
  • Fury Meter:
  • Vikki will have to keep Leo’s savage instincts under control using an innovative concept called the Fury Meter that lets Vikki be aware of his anger level and calm him when needed.
  • Leo’s advanced AI:
  • Leo will protect Vikki in combat.
  • Exciting multiplayer target shooting:
  • Two players can configure several different target shooting game types with a variety of game parameters to tweak.
  • Classic moving platform puzzles:
  • Add to the shooting, running and jumping and riding excitement. Levels are deeply interactive. Some hidden platforms even take the player to secret new locations.

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