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NFL GameDay 2003

TITLE NFL GameDay 2003
DEVELOPER 989 Sports

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SCREENS ADDED: 10 Apr-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

NFL GameDay 2003 features arcade-style gameplay that translates into monstrous hits and legendary plays. New gameplay features allow offensive players to break tackles, stiff-arm defenders or dive over the pile of would be tacklers for the winning touchdown. Updated Total Control Passing? allows receivers to be underthrown or led in any direction by simply pressing the directional pad, making spectacular one-handed catches by receivers tight-roping down the sideline possible, whether getting a workout in Training Camp Mode, taking on all comers in Exhibition or Season Modes or strapping on the helmet for multiple seasons as coach, player and general manager in General Manager Mode.

  • Fast and Furious Gameplay – Arcade-style gameplay translates into big plays and bigger tackles. Break tackles, stiff-arm defensive backs and dive over the pile for the winning touchdown. Make one-handed catches, tight-rope the sideline and add insult to injury by celebrating in the end zone. Swim-move past bulky offensive linemen, go for the game saving deflection and cause fumbles on monster hits. Upgraded Total Control Passing ? allows you to lead or underthrow receivers in any direction by simply pressing the directional pad.
  • New Commentary – Play-by-play legend Dick Enberg and Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Fouts deliver new, significantly broadened commentary. Listen to all-new play analysis, player evaluations and insight on team performances.
  • Game Modes Galore – Sharpen your skills on offense and defense in Training Camp mode, battle it out in Exhibition mode or try to bring home the championship in Season mode. Play in multiple seasons as a coach, player and general manager, while drafting, trading and signing free agents over several seasons with a salary cap in General Manager mode.
  • State of the Art Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Advanced AI has your opponents learning your tendencies on offense and defense to shut down your attack. If you don?t mix up your playcalling on offense, the defense will stuff you.
  • Comprehensive Statistics – Track team and player statistics in 163 categories.

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