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Next Generation Tennis 2003

TITLE Next Generation Tennis 2003
DEVELOPER Wanadoo Edition
UK PUBLISHER Wanadoo Edition

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 01 Jan-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

The 2003 version of this game includes many innovations: exclusive new animations with no more latency in controls, super realistic courtside details like ball boys, showtime match presentations, experience points to increase your player’s skills, bonus courts and players etc. And of course, for even more realism, you will find the official courts of Roland Garros and US Open as well as real life tennis stars. NGT: the true ace of tennis games.

  • Aimed at both casual and die-hard tennis fans, ROLAND GARROS 2003 combines responsive gameplay with breathtakingly realistic environments. Indeed, playing ROLAND GARROS 2003 is like watching a match live on TV: slow-motion replays, umpire comments, player behaviour, crowd noise – the only difference is you’re on the court taking part!
  • With seven game modes (including 2 hidden), ROLAND GARROS 2003 offers players a wide range of excitement, from the most traditional to the most innovative. For example, Career mode lets players create their own character (male or female) and pit him or her against the professional tour’s top players. As a rising star in world tennis, your aim is to reach the highest level after ten seasons. Completing training sessions and stringing together victories in singles and doubles will improve your character’s abilities, making him or her an ever more perfect player.
  • This character can also be used in the game’s other modes.
  • In Career mode – and depending on their results – players will be able to purchase training sessions in order to improve their abilities and tactics. These sessions take the form of arcade-style games.
  • ROLAND GARROS 2003 also has a full multi-player mode: the Tournament mode lets players create their own tournaments and championships and invite up to 7 opponents to take part in them.
  • In most modes, and depending on their results, players can unlock different types of bonuses (new modes, outfits, environments, players, wacky courts).

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