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Neo Contra

TITLE Neo Contra
GENRE Action
US PUBLISHER Konami Digital Entertainment
UK PUBLISHER Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH
NORDIC PUBLISHER Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 01 Jan-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

Taking the classic series into a new dimension, Neo Contra introduces players to the series’ signature gameplay, through a new isometric 3D camera view. This allows more dynamic shooting action as well as more strategy in defeating hordes of enemies. The new viewpoint is only one of the many exciting features that help set Neo Contra apart from other action titles. Set in the distant future, Neo Contra continues the adventures of the legendary hero, Bill Rizer, and introduces a visually striking new character to the series – Genbei Jaguar Yagyu, a mysterious Samurai. With his unique moves and personalized weapons, this new character gives game players a whole new way to experience Contra.

  • Additionally, players will benefit from a slew of brand new weapons, a customized new Hit Rate system to keep track of scoring and even more beautifully rendered CG cinematic sequences. Making their way through large multi-stage levels and huge boss enemies, both new and longtime fans of the series will enjoy hours of entertainment, depth and challenge. Dedicated fans will also uncover additional unlockable surprises.
  • As an added bonus for gamers and comic book fans, Neo Contra will feature exclusive poster and packaging artwork created by world-renowned artist, Jim Lee (X-men, Batman, Superman). Lee has worked closely with the development team to capture the essence of the new Contra game.

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