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Savage Skies

TITLE Savage Skies
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER iRock Interactive
US PUBLISHER BAM! Entertainment
UK PUBLISHER Bigben Interactive
NORDIC PUBLISHER Bigben Interactive

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 15 Mar-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

Three different races have formed after the downfall of the former once peaceful and glorious Kingdom. Each unique in their ideals, they are formed after the soul of a powerful King is shattered by a demonic wraith. They each battle against each other in a spectacular war, with colossus aerial combats on the backs of your powerful dragons. You vow to become the dominant race, exerting your beliefs and ideals on to the other races.

Prepare for outstanding aerial battles as you fight for your faction’s cause – to rid the land of all your enemies. Attack using Crystal Seekers (heat seeking weapons), your dragon’s unique powers and various weapons and health pick-ups. You choose to play in any of these three factions as a warrior who acts as a vessel for part of the King’s soul.

  • Savage Skies has a multi-tiered mission structure, with primary, secondary and secret goals
  • Each faction is broken down into 9 different levels
  • There are a total of 27 unique playable missions featuring fully-fledged campaigns such as offensive onslaughts, sabotage attacks, racing and defensive engagements
  • Detailed gaming environments feature everything from open countryside and treacherous canyons to urban towns and ruins – with incredible time of day, weather, and environmental effects
  • 10 minutes of fully rendered cinematics bolstering rich characters and a detailed storyline
  • Unlock dozens of new creatures, alternate versions, levels, gameplay modes and more
  • A.I. – particularly friendly units are very smart.

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