My Favourite games From Playstation 2

The PlayStation was a culture itself when it was launched. It is not just me who is saying this, I mean look at the facts. The speed at which it was being sold was phenomenon. It was easily the best-selling console that was ever built. On the top of it, it had the largest library of the games that this world had ever seen. It brought a revolution in the video game market with its DVD playback icing on the cake. Developers were rolling some massive games that could do wonders in those days. The gaming became truly an art in the years when PS2 was launched. Moreover, it opened the door for infinite possibilities in the very near future that we are witnessing today.

Choosing my favourite from such a huge library of games is no easy task by any means. I love gaming online as well as offline. Here, in this article I am taking about my favourite games from PS2 but let me share you that my online gaming choice is casino games. Casino promo codes are a good way for new players to boost their account balance and I really love this. Now, let’s proceed with the best 4 games that I enjoyed the most on PS2. There will be games that I love but they are not in the list and on some other day some of the games might have been in the list. Let me show you some of my absolute favourites.

God of War

When I talk about the “God of War”, I am talking about the whole series. It has been the most fascinating game on my favourite gaming gadget PlayStation2. It is a powerful action game that has everything from a good story to the perfect game play. It is still an epic cinematic experience. It is just like the modern-day avengers taking on all the evil forces from all around the universe. The character KRATOS is about masculinity, courage and of course some serious combat skills. It is full of epic set pieces that has over the top violence. It well might be the best action game ever that has rolled out on PS2.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The reason I like this game is the freedom and flexibility it provided in those days when most of the games were based on a single mindset. It is an action- adventure game that rolled out in 2004. It is based on the fictional state in the U.S that is called San Andreas. The main character is Carl who has returned to the city after the murder of his mother. The fun part is the adventure of getting his old gang together, clashes with corrupt cops. All this slowly unfolds the mystery behind the death of his mother.
The game has so many missions that are coupled with some of the amazing cheat codes. The whole experience is simply mouth watering that will keep you out of your luxury seats.


Well football is the most popular game on this planet, how dare you to think that this will not be in my favourite list? This is a game developed by EA (Electronic Arts). You can play this on Xbox and windows as well. Now even an android version of the game is available as well. This whole series is simply one of the most played games in the world. Every year one new updated version of the game is rolled out. The gaming experience is so real that every detail is important. All the football lovers would know that this is the real deal.

Shadow of the Colossus

It is one of those game that defined the modern day’s cinematic experiences. It simply pushed the gaming on another level. It is about a man who is named Wander. Fortunately for us, he enters a forbidden land. This forbidden land is the place where the real fun starts. He travels a long distance and defeat sixteen massive beings. What happens between is full of action and massive thrills. This surely is a game to play.

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