The Top Games like Zelda to Play

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular adventure games of all time. Every game which has gone to be produced under it has always had an element of growth and exploration. If you’ve already tried your hands on Zelda, and want to look for something else that interesting, read on.

For instance, did you know that there are many slot games that are themed according to the Legend of Zelda too? While you can try out the many online casino games with Casinopedia, there are some other games too that follow a similar theme as the Legend of Zelda games. Wondering which ones you should try out? After all, while casino games like slots and roulette are fun, you may want to try something else too.

The Top Zelda Like Games You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

There have emerged a lot of games which have followed the concept of Zelda. This even includes Zelda’s game designs. Here is look at some of best games which you can play if you’ve run out of Hyrule.

  1. 3D Dot Game Heroes.

This game is a retro game which pays homage to the Legend of Zelda. In this game, you play as a young hero who is trying to save the kingdom of Dotnia from evil. With the help of the legendary sword, the Dark King Onyx was sealed in an orb. However, the Dark Bishop has gone ahead to steal the Orb thus you need to find it so that peace can be restored.

The game is an affectionate parody which is based on the Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest. It is filled with humour which mostly appeals to older gamers.

You get to customize your hero and there are also a number of adventures which you have to accomplish. For instance, you have to rescue a princess. Although much of the game 3D design felt it had been a copy if Nintendo it is actually fun. 

  1. Anodyne

If you don’t know, Anodyne is simply the stuff which dreams are built on. The game takes place within the characters head. Thus the player gets to experience unexplained locations. The character jumps starts into this world because of a Sage.

The developers of the game pay much of the tribute to the Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening.  The later game also takes place in the hero’s head.

Anodyne is crammed with secrets from old encounters as well as odd characters. For instance, a talking rabbit and an arena full of clowns at which the background is filled with a cheering crowd.

  1. Beyond Good and Evil HD.

Beyond Good and Evil was originally released in 2004, and after a successful response, it spawned a sequel. The HD sequel was released back in 2011.

Jade who is green-eyed, a green-clad photojournalist is pulled into the political world of Hillys. She is joined by her uncle Pey’j who is a giant talking pig.  The two fight against an alien threat known as Domz.

There are a lot of dragon explorations which have been borrowed from the Legend of Zelda. For instance, military compounds and industrial complexes make players quite familiar with the setting.

Which of these have you tried out till now?

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