Get Obsessed with the Best Cliff Diving Online Game

Now that summer is gone and winter is well on its way, you may be missing going surfing, swimming and even cliff diving.


Don’t distress, there’s a very exciting way to practice some insane cliff dives with Flip Diving. The game features wild diving stunts which are based on professional stunt and cliff divers, to the point they must request players not to replicate these stunts in real life as they may be very dangerous.

How to play:

The game itself is quite simple once you get the hang of it. First you choose a character from an array of very unique yet entertaining divers. These characters vary from: diver, businessman, girl diver, karate diver and even a hilarious penguin mascot among others. Each comes with their own set of skills which may allow you to succeed at certain levels.


Next you get to decide the type of flip you would like your character to be scored on. There are all types of flips such as: Russian front flip pike, bomb, layout backflip and so many more which range from simple to difficult. By giving you so many options this game allows you to challenge yourself and get as creative as you’d like

Once you get started, the objective is to get your character to deliver the flip you have previously selected. If you don’t manage to execute the flip as well as the landing, you must start over until you succeed. Also, if you hit the cliff on your way down, you must start over. The higher up on the cliff you go, the more difficult and challenging it gets. Don’t forget to collect as many coins as you can on your way down!


This game can be captivating for adults as well as children as there is no violence or foul language. It can lead to hours of amusement as you set new personal records and experience some very astounding dives!

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