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Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing

TITLE Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing
DEVELOPER Atomic Planet Entertainment
US PUBLISHER Codemasters
UK PUBLISHER Codemasters

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 11 Oct-2001

Official Fact Sheet:

Bronze, Silver and Gold title belts are featured and the players challenge is to develop his boxer through these championships to win the belt and purse money. Cash prizes play an important part: the more a player earns, the more of the game can be unlocked. Feeling confident? Players can, at any time, call up Tyson for a “friendly” match to see how their skills and techniques are coming along.

  • Commentary by Ian Darke and Bobby Czyz
  • Rain the hurt on your enemy with over 600 brutal power punches, illegal moves, signature blows and combos.
  • Take your opponent apart through 9 separate game modes – Belt Mode, Speed Boxing, Exhibition Mode and more.
  • Bring the big fight atmosphere home with the intuitive, ultra-fast control system and unbelievable TV realistic graphics.
  • The Pand’IN? (Polymorphic and’ Interpolative Node-mapping) facial damage engine delivers the most brutal boxing experience ever. As the fight progresses players faces get more and more bruised and bloody, if the damage gets too bad then the ref will check the guys face, if it starts to get horrific, with blood flying everywhere whenever he is hit, then the ref will soon stop the fight. Similarly if a player throws too many illegal blows he will be warned and eventually disqualified by the referee.
  • Create unique custom fighters then upgrade them with over 185 unlockable improvements. Custom Boxers start off on Bronze level and each time they win a belt they move up to the next ranking, Silver, then Gold, then once they have managed to beat Mike Tyson and win the Gold Belt, they become Platinum Level, which is the top level in this game.
  • Fight in 20 international arenas including Carnival City, Caesars Palace and’ Wembley Arena.
  • The game has a phenomenally large amount of unlocks (over 200) and has been designed so that with virtually every fight the player can recieve a little reward and feel as though he is progressing through the game. There are also a number of different records table, so the player should always have a target to beat with each of his fights.

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