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Megarace 3

TITLE Megarace 3
GENRE Racing

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 15 Mar-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

Not only is it in real time 3D, but you actually takeoff. Forget about car races. Now, encouraged by a cheering crowd and the wild commentaries of Lance Boyle, you will be piloting vessels specially conceived for speed and combat, in environments that change with each race.

You can choose between a dozen different vessels, each with their own strengths and characteristics. They all have 3 active modes: Speed – Attack – Defence.

All the ships are modular and according to your results, you will be able to personalise them. Different modules are available to improve the engine characteristics, including the battle armour and the weapons.

Several game modes are available including – simple solo race, race with customisable ships, capture the flag, duel mode and, all of which can be played in network mode.

In a totally wild virtual universe, the hallucinogenic projection of what TV will be showing in the future, MEGARACE 3 is a unique game that re-creates both a spectacular race, and a great 3D first person shooting game. Instead of a being given a low-powered shotgun, the player is provided with a lean machine built for speed and war at their fingertips?

  • The third in the Megarace series, Megarace 3 is an original futuristic game. This is speed battle racing at it’s most exciting!
  • Features 8 totally different racing environments, more than 20 circuits and 12 vessels – each with 3 distinctive playing modes (attack, defence, speed).
  • Includes a striking and highly original microscopic universe, with a game structure that alternates between time trials, missions and classic races.
  • Shortcuts, bonus upgrades?all the classic ingredients that make a great racing game!
  • 4 thrilling game modes for extended gameplay: practice, arcade, career and catastrophe
  • Several multi-player game modes, LAN or Internet, co-operative or single player.

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