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The last game on PS2? Not one to be left out in the cold, the PS2 has also received its own version of FIFA 14 (which just so happens to be comparable to those on the PSP, Vita, Wii and 3DS) which is being touted as the “Legacy Edition” of the game.  Right off the bat, you’ve really got to hand it to EA and the FIFA franchise – they definitely go out of their way to make sure that players across all systems are satisfied.  For most modern video game developers to even consider producing a game for the PlayStation 2 is almost unthinkable.  Of course, FIFA fans are a special case and remain quite spread out in terms of demographics, so it’s not really a bad call.

FIFA 14 PS2 box

Regardless of platform, the question at hand is: “how does the LE version of the game stack up with the others?”  In short, well-traveled fans of the series will definitely feel at home, but many might be left feeling as though there really aren’t that many new incentives available (compared with what they got with FIFA 13, that is).  Nevertheless, FIFA 14 is an outstanding title on the PS2 and thrusts players into the action amidst great graphics and dynamically fluid gameplay.


If you’re expecting to see something comparable to what’s available for the 8th generation consoles you’re going to be disappointed with this version.  However, what’s here isn’t that bad at all; in fact, it’s definitely a good-looking game by all measured accounts, especially considering the age of the console it’s being played on.  The environments are nice, the character models acceptable, and the overall action in terms of physics, satisfactory. Is it anything new or revolutionary?  Well, of course not…



Again, anyone that’s familiar with the previous build will find this version to be wholly similar, if not virtually identical.  Now, you can take that as a bad thing or a good thing; personally, the familiarity aspect might be somewhat comforting to a lot of gamers playing on older consoles and hand-held devices.  The controls offer no surprises and there are no special modes found here, as with the other versions of the game.  On the positive side of things, there is an updated roster, which will undoubtedly delight those with an eye for detail.


To put it simply, if you want to experience FIFA 14 to its fullest extent, go buy a PS4 or Xbox ONE.  Similarly, those who are looking for a more evolved experience might also find solace in the PS3 / Xbox 360 version of the title.  …Having said that, FIFA 14 “Legacy Edition” (for the PS2) is still an otherwise fantastic game, even if it feels a bit “outmoded”.  Serious football fans might not even care about all the intricacies of the next-gen versions, opting instead to focus on what’s in front of them; namely, a solid game, that’s packed with enough features to keep them occupied for quite some time.

Rating – 7.7

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