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TITLE Evergrace
GENRE Adventure
DEVELOPER From Software

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 26 Sep-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

Once again Yuterald the swordsman returns along with new characters Ryana and Fillna in a quest that involves war and intrigue The main changes from the first game are an expanded party and feature even more of those dressing up antics that appeared in Evergrace. The game eschews the traditional RPG points system in favor of magical and weapons skill being based on how items and clothing are arranged.

  • RPG with Focus on Equipment: The characters themselves don?t upgrade to new levels in this game. Instead, the characters become stronger by equipping themselves with stronger items (referred to as ?Palmira armaments?). Those items can be made stronger, so that the character becomes much more powerful. Items can be obtained by ?finding them after winning a battle,? ?buying them at a shop,? ?finding them on the map (and picking them up),? etc. The visually entertaining changes in the equipment of the two characters, based on the Dress-Up System, adds to the excitement of discovering the truth in the storyline.
  • Palmila Action: The physical abilities of the player character can be improved by using spells to combine crystals called Palmila with armaments. Also, combining Palmila allows the player to use a special ability called Palmila action. The armaments paired with Palmila are referred to as Palmila armaments.
  • Dress-Up System: This system allows the player to freely combine equipment according to his fighting style. Various items acquired during the game can be integrated The parameters of execution can be expanded by combining the items with which the player is equipped. Also, there is a ?taste rating? in which the fashion sense is evaluated by an appraiser. The cost of repairing items will change, depending on the rating. There are many rare armaments randomly dropped by enemy characters, which adds to the fun of collecting items.

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