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Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires Cheats

4th Weapons:
Now in a battle after that, you need to get 500 kills. You will be awarded the weapon after you beat the level.

Customizable Options Menu:
Beat Yellow Turban Campaign in Empire mode.

Locked Attire Choices in Edit Mode:
Beat Yellow Turban Campaign in Empire mode.

Acquiring good tactics cards:
Juggernaut and Wood Ox can be acquired by coupling Zhuge Liang and Yue Ying together in the same province.

6 items for officer:
Beat 1,000 enemies in any stage and difficult setting to acquire the possibility of using six items for that officer. Use 2 Extend Time strategy cards for better results.

Extra Models:
Get to the maximum amount of Experience Points (60,000) with any unique character to get all of their models.

Dong Zhou:
Finish The Yellow Turban Rebellion scenario.

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