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Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 2 Cheats

Get Secondary Forms:
B that character in Story Mode. When playing in Vs. Mode, press R1 when the character is selected.

Get Characters:
Get Chiyo – Beat her master.
Get Chiyo – Beat Sasori?s True Form.
Get Deidara – Beat Deidara.
Get Itachi – Beat Itachi.
Get Kabuto – Beat Kabuto.
Get Kisame – Beat Kisame.
Get Orochimaru – Beat Orochimaru.
Get Sai – Beat Sai.
Get Sasori Hiruko – Beat Sasori.
Get Sasori (True Form) – Beat Sasori?s True Form.
Get Sasuke – Beat Sasuke.
Get Yamato – Beat Sai.

Get 100,000 Yen:
Begin a new Story Mode using save data from the original Accel game.
Get Narutimate Difficulty:
Complete all of Gai’s challenges in Training Grounds.
Get 100,000 Yen/Bonus Characters 2:
Start a new game with Narutimate Hero 3 save data on your memory card.
Get Sasuke RPG Mode:
Complete Master Mode and all related side quests; next, head to the room where you first beat Sasuke, get the blue aura present there, and Sasuke RPG Mode will become available.

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