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Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7 Cheats

Event Viewer:
Finish the entire game, then save. If you load the finished game, you can view the cut scenes. You get a cutscene for every Memory Capsule you collect.

Extra Ending:
You must get three G Reports before you finish. Do this and you’ll get an extra ending after “The End”.

Unlockable: Mission Mode
Beat the game.

Easter Egg – Cacatuar:
Before you fight Nero the Sable in the Chapter 10, keep an eye out for some barrels above you as you run on through. There will be four barrels that blow up in a line. One of those barrels contains one of Final Fantasy’s best known hidden character “Cactuar”. As it falls down to the ground it will start running away and as soon as it gets to the corner it hops on up and disappears.

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