PS2 Cheats

Arena Football Cheats

Classic Teams:
Complete the challenge mode in order to unlock new teams.

New Orleans Night:
To unlock the New Orleans Night do not throw an interception the entire game.

New Orleans Voodoo:
To Unlock the New Orleans Voodoo, You must make a 30 yard field goal.

Charlotte Rage:
Complete The “Wall Hit” Challenge

Buffalo Destroyers:
Complete The “Jack Linebacker” Challenge

Anaheim Pirates:
Complete The “Kicking” Challenge

Albany Firebirds:
Complete The “Be The Reciever” Challenge

St. Louis Stampede:
Complete The “Mac Linebacker” Challenge

Texas Terror:
Complete The “Telemetry” Challenge

Washington Commandos:
Complete The “Coverage Maneuver” Challenge

All attributes for all players are maxed out. Only works in play now. Load a profile called “IronMen”

Giant Ball/ Tiny Ball:
Double the size of the ball / half the size of the ball:

Big ball:
At the line of scrimage press L1 Triangle, up, up

Small ball:
At the line of scrimage press L1 Triangle, down, down

Reset ball:
At the line of scrimage press L1 Triangle, up, down

Maximum attributes for all players:
Enter “IronMen” as a profile name, then start “Play Now” mode.

Tackle after play:
After each play you can tackle someone. If you tackle the opposing team’s players or coach you might get a penalty. You can also tackle the boards, and if you do you will be launched over.

Helmet to helmet:
Before each game two of the home team’s players will do helmet to helmet.

Get to line of scrimmage faster:
After selecting your play, hold A to get to the line of scrimmage faster. This is useful if you use a hurry-up offense at the end of the game.

Recommended offense:
In order to create more open passes you should try and set “picks” for your other receivers in order to get them wide open. You can do this by controlling a wide receiver yourself and putting a pick on a defender; or you can set a crosses, posts, curls, or flys by hot-routing other receivers near by. This usually works, and often has good results if you set the picks correctly. This is especially helpful when in need of a first down, near the endzone, or for a conversion.

Recommended defense:
If you control one of your linemen and hold [Left Analog-stick Down] before the snap, you will get a better jump on trying to get to the quarterback or fullback.

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