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Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt

TITLE Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt
GENRE Adventure
UK PUBLISHER Ignition Entertainment
NORDIC PUBLISHER Ignition Entertainment

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 01 Jan-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

In 1930 (or, 1929 ? there is a little dicrepancy as to the official date), in a bid to bring wacky entertainment to the masses, the Warner Brothers Animaation team embarked upon creating some new characters for their fans. The Warner Brothers (and Sister) were born but they were far too zany and out of control to appear in feature cartoons, but far too cute to do away with altogether, so Warner locked them in the water tower at the film lot and disavowed their existence?until now?.

  • It?s Edgar time and all of Hollywood is excited. However, a dark cloud drifts over tinsel town when all the Edgars are stolen.
  • The players goal is to find 30 Edgars spread over 6 game worlds. Edgars can be found by solving problems, helping characters of defeating bosses. There are multiple Edgars in every game world and 3 of them are collected in the same way every time ? by finding 100 and 200 themed pickups in that game world and by finding and unmasking Chicken Boo. Controlling Yakko the player must first rescue Wakko and Dot before then going on to meet C.C. Deville in the final battle. Each character possesses different skills and all three characters must be utilized correctly to succeed.

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