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7 PS2 Games That Deserve a Next Generation Re-Release

Perhaps following a cue from Hollywood and the movie industry, many game developers have taken to re-releasing various games over the course of the last several years. This practice has become so commonplace these days that it’s no longer considered to be as fresh or edgy as it once ways.  But don’t get the wrong idea, that doesn’t mean that we don’t like the idea, of course. Speaking of which, while there’s certainly nothing wrong with Sony re-introducing old PS2 titles via their upcoming “PlayStation Now” service, what we’d really like to see are a few bona-fide next-generation reiterations of various games.  Speaking of which, here are 7 that really seem to deserve a next-gen reproduction (on the PS4)…

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater / MGS 2: Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty

What can be said about the wonderful Metal Gear Solid series that you probably don’t already know?  Certainly there’s nothing wrong with MGS 3, it’s a very fine game in its original state, there’s not debating that.  But one can’t help but imagine how truly amazing it might be re-imagined on the PS4.  Of all the Metal Gear titles, the third installment really seems to stand out in most people’s minds as being incredibly unique and special.  It marks a sort of transitional point from top-down stealth gameplay over to the more modern offerings we see today.  At the same time, it’s absolutely oozing style.  Seriously, can you imagine how awesome MGS 3: Snake Eater would be utilizing the same engine found in MGS V: Ground Zeroes?!

While we’re on the subject, the same applies to MGS 2: Sons of liberty – another great and somewhat overlooked game that would be amazing if it were refurbished onto the PlayStation 4.  It’s also full of some really amazing moments which would translate exceptionally well to the new graphically enhanced, open-world format that’s currently being explored by the series.

Silent Hill / Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill

For many, when you say the words “survival horror” and “PlayStation 2” in the same sentence, Silent Hill immediately pops up like an unexpected ghastly visitor.   While the newer games in the franchise are fine, a lot of hardcore fans would love to see the series’ progenitors, Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 brought back from the dead and onto the PS4.  In particular, the latter (SH2) remains one of the more wildly popular horror titles around, having developed something of a cult following in recent years.  The mind boggles at what might be possible given the PlayStation 4’s graphical prowess.  Needless to say, the results would be both beautiful as well as terrifying, no doubt.  Moreover, Silent Hill 1 is in desperate need of a reboot considering its age, “creepiness factor”, and of course, the series’ enduring popularity.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


You knew this one was coming, right?  Of all the GTA games in the series, San Andreas remains a definite fan favorite for a number of reasons.  It not only built upon the incredible formula dispersed by its predecessor, GTA III, it exploded it into a hundred different directions to great effect.  One can easily imagine how well San Andreas’ overall concept would translate onto the PS4 via GTA V’s engine and graphics.  Such a re-branding wouldn’t simply be popular; it would be nothing short of a revelation for fans.  Furthermore, it might also be provide a great opportunity for Rockstar games to explore their wild and goofy side, pushing the envelope even further than they have with the wildly popular GTA V.

God of War / God of War II


Last, but certainly not least we have God of War I and II, both of which are still quite amazing.  Yes, you could correctly argue that there’s not really any need to update either of these two titles, but what would be the fun in that?  It’s not hard to imagine how awe-inspiring they might be re-imagined as next-generation games, particularly if some care was taken to repackage the gameplay in such a way so as to preserve the core concept while simultaneously updating it.


There are many PS2 games that would welcome a PS4 return, and since PS2 classics are now coming to the PS4, you should expect your picks to be arriving soon.

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