Top 7 Shooter Games Released on PS2

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While we mostly tend to think of the PS3 era as being responsible for igniting the FPS console revolution, credit must also be given to its predecessor (the PS2) for helping to usher in the genre.  Because the PS2 was capable of processing more complex geometry and physics, developers were finally able to fashion more creative and detail-oriented shooters (much to the delight of gamers worldwide).  Here is our list of the Top 7 Shooter gamers released for the PS2…

Call of Duty 3

Before there was Black Ops and Modern Warfare there were the mostly WWII-themed CoD games.  Simply put, “Call of Duty 3” is a heck of a game.  Not only does it place you in the shoes of various soldiers (across national boundaries), but it also was one of the first CoD games to actually feature a multiplayer element.  Similarly, we saw environmental physics, graphics and the general level of gameplay evolve with the release of this title – all of which helped to make it one of the more popular PS2 games.

Time Splitters 2

Created by the same team that brought us the legendary N64 title, “Goldeneye”, “Time Splitters 2” is a behemoth of a game.  Aside from its storyline, which has you jumping around throughout history in order to thwart some evil plans, this title possessed one of the most amazing multiplayer modes of all-time.  Quite simply, you could spend hours upon hours completing the various challenges as well as fashioning your own.  It should also be noted that the A.I. / Bots in this game will test even the most battle-hardened FPS veteran out there.


“Black” on the PS2 epitomizes what constitutes a “shooter” video game.  With its destructive game world which allows you to take out targets that might be hiding behind something and excellent graphics, it truly is a credit to the PS2 library.  Where the focus in most other gun-happy games is to stealthily creep around and perhaps outflank your opponents, Black is centered on action – the kind that involves heated gun battles that are nothing short of exhilarating.

Red Faction

THQ’s “Red Faction” is a really great first-person shooter, period.  It places you in the shoes of an unruly space miner who signed up for the wrong job with an unscrupulous company that’s more than abusing their staff. Packing destructive environments and a slew of very levels featuring some truly great designs, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you attempt to right the wrongs and spur on the revolution.


Yes, one could easily say that it’s better to play “Half-Life” on the PC, but all things aside, it looks fantastic on the PS2.  If you’re new to the HL series, you definitely want to start with 1 (the first game).  In fact, great care was taken to enhance the graphics for the PS2 version, so players are probably better off attacking the campaign on a console, after all.  Seriously, this is one shooter that you simply cannot afford to miss out on, it’s amazing.


There’s a reason that the “Killzone” series has been able to maintain a following – its first outing on the PS2 was a huge success.  All in all, “Killzone” is perhaps the best FPS that you’ll find on the PlayStation 2 (although that’s up for debate).  From great graphics and an intriguing storyline to nervous gun battles and online play, this game has a bit of everything and has served as a template for other titles as well.  For the hardcore shooter fan that’s looking for something to sink their teeth into on the PS2, Killzone is a must-buy.

Project Snowblind

While remaining relatively obscure on lists of the most influential PS2 games, “Project Snowblind” shouldn’t be avoided.  Armed with a 16 player multiplayer experience and the ability to drive vehicles, PS is one of those shooters that offers gamers a bit of everything, to say the least.  Moreover, it looks great and isn’t too shabby in the replay value department either, which many will find to be particularly interesting.  To put it another, way – this game is probably way better than you’re expecting it to be.

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