The Best Sports Videogames of the Year

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The world of sports videogames simply gets more advanced and increasingly realistic with each passing year. So much so that the games themselves are invariably annually updated each year and eagerly anticipated by hungry sports in advance of their release.

However, there is one highly popular game which won’t be seeing a 2014 edition. Sadly, sports gaming giant EA Sports will not be releasing the college football game NCAA Football 14 due to legal wrangling with the NCAA, college football’s governing body. However, you can still keep up to date with the football action and latest news at In any case, sports gaming fans need not worry, there are plenty of new releases waiting to hit the stores. Here is a review of some of the best new titles:

  • NBA 2K14

There are some great touches to this latest basketball production. For example, the theme soundtrack has been selected by none other than superstar LeBron James. However, what really gives NBA 2K14 an edge is the attention to detail and technical excellence. Enormous effort has been put into capturing the individual quirks, personalities and emotions of each player. Even the backboards get worn as the game progresses.

  • NHL 14

This is yet another very impressive EA ice hockey production. However, unlike basketball and football, there is no real competition in the ice hockey game market and so the improvements on NHL 13 are not revolutionary. Nonetheless, this should take nothing away from what remains an excellent production. Graphics and sound are superb and there are a number of new features. The NHL 94 mode adds a retro option to the game.

  • Madden 25

Back for another edition after the first Joe Madden American football game was released 25 years ago and it’s still just as good as it ever was. It remains the ultimate in Sunday afternoon entertainment. You can play, manage or coach your team and interact with them in every conceivable way. Whatever dreams you may have left on the football field, you can play them out at Madden 25. Incredibly, you can integrate your actual fantasy league updates so that they update while you play. The border between reality and fantasy just got more blurry.

  • WWE 2K14

There have been some useful technical changes since last year’s edition. There’s a new launch and catch finisher move and running attacks have a longer animation. They are small improvements on what was already an outstanding wrestling game. It really is 30 years of Wrestlemania packed into one title with a selection of superstars from decades ago until the present day to choose from. It will keep you well entertained for hours.

  • FIFA 14

The beauty of FIFA games is that they are constantly pushed to the limits by arch-rival Pro Evo. As a result, FIFA 14 is perhaps more realistic than ever with players more error-prone than before and even commentary hiccups occur! In terms of innovation, fans will love the Ultimate Team feature, allowing you to construct a great all-star team.

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