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Tekken 5 Review

Tekken is one of the oldest and most popular fighting game franchises in video gaming history, and many consider 5

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The 6 Best PS2 Exclusive Games

It’s been just over sixteen years since the PlayStation 2 was released, and to this day it remains the top-selling

Sons of Liberty
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7 PS2 Games That Deserve a Next Generation Re-Release

Perhaps following a cue from Hollywood and the movie industry, many game developers have taken to re-releasing various games over

Resident Evil 4
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The Best PS2 Horror Game Classics For This Halloween

Whoever said that you had to play recently released titles to get a good scare?  The following PlayStation 2 games

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
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A Look At The Best-selling PS2 Games

Among all the video game consoles, the PS2 (currently) remains the undisputed champ in terms of overall sales and longevity.

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All You Need To Know About The PS2

With the 8th generation of consoles arriving (the PS4 and Xbox ONE), many within the gaming community might find it

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004
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Some of the best Sports games released on PS2

Since the emergence of home consoles, Sports-themed titles have been something of a mainstay.  Alongside the usual crop of platformers,