Sunday | April 20, 2014

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James Bond 007 From Russia with Love
PS2 Reviews

James Bond 007: From Russia with Love Review

Post-“GoldenEye”, the James Bond franchise benefited from a glut of video game releases which were quickly gobbled up by the public. Among them you’ll...
Time Crisis 3
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Time Crisis 3 Review

Right away you need to know that Time Crisis 3 is in fact, a “rail-shooter”, meaning that it essentially provides you with a direct,...
Resident Evil 4 -3
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Resident Evil 4 Review

In the retro gaming canon, there are certain titles (like “Goldeneye” for the N64) that seek to function as guideposts for gamers.  They seem...
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The Getaway Review

Back before console game developers started to integrate interior areas into open world design, games like “The Getaway” or 2002’s “Mafia” by Illusion Softworks....
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Medal of Honor: Frontline Review

Hmmm…what might be the easiest and most direct way to describe “Medal of Honor: Frontline” to the uninitiated gamer?  Well, simply put, it’s basically...
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Why was the PS2 so successful?

Of all the video game consoles brought into existence by creative minds, none to date have been as successful as the PlayStation 2.  In...
PS2 Slim
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Reasons Why the PS2 Was Awesome

Say what you like about it, but the numbers don’t lie – the PlayStation 2 was clearly a BIG deal as far as video...
Sons of Liberty
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7 PS2 Games That Deserve a Next Generation Re-Release

Perhaps following a cue from Hollywood and the movie industry, many game developers have taken to re-releasing various games over the course of the...
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James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire Review

Cue the jazzy horns, drums and tremolo-drenched guitar, remember to shake up that Martini too, because it’s time for a retro review of the...
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Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec Review

There are a number of truly great racing titles perched within the Sony library, but arguably none stand out more in terms of historical...