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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW

TITLE WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW

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SCREENS ADDED: 23 Sep-2004

SCREENS ADDED: 23 Jul-2004

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rom the most successful wrestling game series of all-time comes the next phenom in sports entertainment ? WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw. Two worlds will collide as the most elite Superstars square off on the PlayStation 2. WWE programming comes to life with authentic Superstar Voice Over and commentary throughout the season mode. An abundance of new gameplay mechanics give full control over all aspects of the game including new stare-downs, chop battles, submission reversals, match tactics, and upgraded Royal Rumble controls. The Divas are hotter than ever with an enhanced Bra and’ Panties match and to polish off the robust roster, from the halls of immortality, come a handful of the most celebrated legends to ever lace up their boots. The influential SmackDown! Series has evolved into one single definitive experience that is WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw.

  • Superstar Voice Over and commentary. The heart of the SmackDown! series is the season/story mode. Prepare for the evolution of the SmackDown! season mode with the addition of authentic Superstar VO and commentary.
  • Online. For the first time ever in a WWE game fans can compete online in head-to-head action.
  • All new Season Mode. New storylines with bigger double-crosses and over-the-top surprises.
  • Create-A-PPV and Create-A-Championship. Create a Championship Belt and then set-up your own PPV to defend it. Be careful, lose a match and lose your Championship as it will transfer to the other player’s memory card.
  • New WWE Legends. Including one of the all-time greats…Andre the Giant!
  • Innovative gameplay mechanics. WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw will have all new gameplay mechanics including a chop battle, pre-match stare down, new grappling position, test of strength and submission reversal system.
  • Situational Challenges. Make HBK tap out in the Sharp shooter, vanquish HHH in a cage match, defeat six legends with the legend killer Randy Orton, these are just a few of the 60 challenges that await.
  • Fight Dirty or Fair. This will give players the opportunity to choose if they want to fight dirty or win over the crowd. This system will add more excitement, strategy and personality to each match.
  • Graphics upgrade. SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain was praised for its graphics. This year’s graphical upgrade will be even more astonishing.
  • Improved Royal Rumble mechanics. The Royal Rumble match will have all-new game-play mechanics that will re-invent this match type in a videogame.

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