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Whirl Tour

TITLE Whirl Tour
DEVELOPER Papaya Studio
US PUBLISHER Crave Entertainment
UK PUBLISHER Vivendi Games

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 26 Mar-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

Leverage from Papaya?s previous free roaming 3D engine, Utopia, will allow Whirl Tour to feature one of the most advanced interactive environments ever seen in adventure/sports titles. In each level, there are scripted animation events that a player can trigger and interact with. For example, the player can collide into the base of a radio tower, and send it toppling over. The result is a very long grindable edge that spans across several houses in the suburban neighborhood. In another example, the player can grind along a large propane tank, setting off the gasses inside. A humungous explosion rips the tank apart, quickly creating a half-pipe with the debris. These special events will be featured in the demo mode for the player to learn.

  • Utopia” 3D Free Roaming Multi-platform Engine.
  • The Geometry Modification system allows for an interactive and destructible environment. Trigger events in the environment for advance play.
  • Ability to crash though windows, knock down billboards and telephone poles. Utilize these dynamic objects to perform ?tricks?.
  • Diversity of enemy AI who chases after the player.
  • Original adventure story line that ties in with the game play and level progression.
  • Winning new characters and upgrading team ranking are integrated into the story and game play.
  • Eight creative and inventive themed levels. These locations are populated with pedestrians, traffic cars, animals and other true to life objects.
  • Health Gauge makes levels more dangerous and challenging to play.
  • Seven Playable characters, each with their own special moves and unique stats.
  • Interchangeable characters – player can change characters in-between individual levels in all modes.
  • Total of 7 single and multi-player modes
  • Players can open 35 new sound tracks from various artists through out the game.
  • Extra hidden areas and secret room are built into every level. The secret room can only be unlocked by collecting all the keys from enemy AI, and will reveal Dr. Skeezicks.
  • Unique Trick Customization System that allows players to customize the move list of their playable characters, as well as integrate new tricks learned.
  • An advanced scoring system that rewards players for trick variety.
  • Repetitive tricks will trigger lower point totals for each successive execution.
  • Find and collect hidden vehicles in every level.
  • A “Mad Combo” system allows players to perform insane move combinations at high speeds with added visual effects.

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