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Tribes: Aerial Assault

TITLE Tribes: Aerial Assault
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER Inevitable Entertain.
US PUBLISHER Vivendi Games

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 14 Mar-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

The highly anticipated PC game and sequel to the 1999 Online Game of the Year is coming to the PlayStation 2. Unlike other shooters, Tribes 2 delivers a true 3D Action experience that makes traditional action gaming seem stale and flat. So fire up your jetpack and go vertical — engage in aerial combat, jet over massive canyons and daunting mountain ranges and deliver mayhem from above. Join an existing Tribe, start one of your own, or enlist in a new race: the BioDerm Horde. Then take arms and fight with up to 32 others in the most stunning and boundless worlds seen in a PlayStation 2 action title.

Change your role, from a light infantry sniper to a heavy-armor defender, as well as the strategies and tactics employed by your team as the nature of battle changes.

  • Compete in massive, boundless and breathtaking worlds tormented by real-time weather conditions (rain, snow, fog and lightning) and environmental elements.
  • Deliver destruction with ten weapons as well as an arsenal of grenades, mines and more
  • Advance your Tribe’s position and gather intelligence with a total of six air and ground vehicles, including a Turbograv Outrider, two-player Assault Tank, and the three-player Thundersword Bomber.
  • Experience authentic multiplayer action offline with single player gametypes and training missions equipped with amazingly intelligent bots.
  • Master a wide variety of game types, including Capture The Flag, Siege, Flag Hunters, Bounty, and Rabbit.
  • Play online using dedicated or integrated PlayStation 2 servers.

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