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Total Immersion Racing

TITLE Total Immersion Racing
GENRE Racing
DEVELOPER Razorworks Studio
US PUBLISHER Empire Interactive
UK PUBLISHER Empire Interactive
NORDIC PUBLISHER Empire Interactive

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 01 Jan-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

The player can choose a career path that leads from being the lowest ranked driver of a GT sportscar all the way to becoming a world champion driving a massively powerful 8 litre prototype racecar. On the way, team engineers and managers will give advice and input to guide the player.

What really separates this game from the pack is the other drivers that are passed on the track to victory. The player is pitted against a posse of other drivers, all with their own unique personalities, driving styles and responses. An advanced AI system has been created to ensure that every action of the player at the wheel is balanced by an appropriate reaction of the drivers that are nearby. Motor racing drivers have a long memory? upset the wrong opponent, and he may not respond until many races later, maybe when you are on the last corner before winning your championship!

  • Game content mixes high quality driving game simulation technology with immediacy, immersion, and intelligence.
  • Career based gameplay: start out as a rookie and climb your way to the top.
  • Revolutionary AI Technology: computer-controlled drivers each with their own personalities, memories, behaviours and grudges to bear.
  • High-quality visual engine pushes each target machine to the limit: allowing for advanced fogging, particle effects, sun flare and other weather effects.
  • Eighteen licensed GT class cars from highly regarded marques, including Lister cars and the Noble M12
  • Real-world racetracks including Hockenheim, Monza, Sebring and Rockingham.
  • Unlockable game features and content, can you earn them all?

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