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The Great Escape

TITLE The Great Escape
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER Pivotal Games

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 12 May-2003

SCREENS ADDED: 09 Apr-2003

Official Fact Sheet:

?The Great Escape? video game is based on the 1963 Oscar nominated film staring Steve McQueen and revolves around actual events during WW2. The game is set in a number of unique locations, from POW camps to a mountain-top castle. Game levels include a busy hospital, a chase through a moving train and escape from an active Luftwaffe airfield. The core of the game centres on the largest mass breakout ever, from the ?escape proof? Stalag Luft III prisoner of war camp. The game uses the powerful storyline and strong characters from the film to place the player in the heart of the action, as the POW?s resist the German war machine. It uses a combination of stealth, combat and frantic action involving multiple vehicles and an awesome motorbike based finale.

  • Immensely popular and well-known cult film license.
  • Stealth controls such as the ?keyhole camera? and ?distractions? to divert the guards? attention.
  • A unique combination of different gameplay that mirrors the dynamic changes in the film – slow stealthy sections, and fast-paced adrenalin filled combat and chase sequences.
  • Multiple characters each with their own skill-set the player can apply; Hilts ?the Cooler King? (played by Steve McQueen) can pick locks, MacDonald ?intelligence? can speak German, Hendley ?the scrounger? can pick pockets, and so on.
  • A unique mix of vehicles the player can control (motorbikes, trucks etc..)
  • Specialist Enemy Units Types – ?Ferrets? are specialist anti-escape officers who search for suspicious behavior, ?Goons? are the guards charged with security in the camp?
  • ?Distraction? game feature – other prisoners will help you carry out your objectives by creating a wide variety of visually impressive in-game distractions.
  • Incapacitate guards and drag them into the shadows to avoid attention

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