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Silent Line: Armored Core

TITLE Silent Line: Armored Core
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER From Software
UK PUBLISHER Digital Jesters

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 25 Nov-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

Earth has seen the collapse of the machine-controlled society and the return of humans to the surface of the planet. Explorers have uncovered a previously unknown mega-city that is well protected from scouting incursions. All attempts at penetrating the border have been met with destruction the line literally goes silent. Once again the call goes out to the Ravens, mercenaries hired by the government to break through the silent line and discover the truth behind the enigma.

  • New Armored Core Designs more than 200 parts and accessories available to customize you?re A.C. Unit!
  • New Cockpit Perspective See the action right from the heart of the Core!
  • New Target Weapon Feature Take out the enemy?s weapons with a minimum of firepower for a new slant on battle tactics!
  • Upgraded Wingman Feature Your consort unit is now capable of mimicking your exact battle moves and actually builds up its A.I. from each mission!
  • Enhanced 4-Player Mode Newly styled with multiple functions to keep your friends riveted to their controllers!
  • Special Compatibility Import all previously created A.C. Units (and Wingman Units) from Armored Core 3 into this game!
  • Dolby SurroundPrologic II sound included for amazing Music and Sound!

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